A stage at home

The project office Hi2025 connects people – these days via Facebook and Instagram. Heimkultur spotlights events that have been cancelled in the city and region. And of course the cultural workers behind it.

A song in the bathroom, a short story at the kitchen table, War and Peace as a pillow fight or Hamlet in the backyard. Heimkultur, the new social media format developed by the project office Hi2025 turns your own four walls into a stage.

“We have to find new approaches to events these days – stay at home and still be connected to society," says Thomas Harling, co-director of the bid. And co-director Lene Wagner emphasizes that this crisis threatens the existence of many cultural workers. “If performance opportunities disappear, this means serious financial losses for many freelancers."

“Already today we are standing in front of closed halls, and my friends and I are on ALG2." This is how Tilman Döring, long-time host of the Hildesheim Poetry Slam, describes the situation. In front of a large-scale art print. In the harsh light of a floor lamp. The stirring and poetic text was created for the first episode of Heimkultur.

“We had to switch to home office last week. And we wondered how the artists who are currently unable to perform are doing," says Max Balzer, head of communications for Hi2025. “And then everything happened very quickly…"

In the morning the concept for Heimkultur was set. At noon, designer Anna-Lena Schotge had created the intro and outro, in which the sofa and houseplant learn to fly. In the evening Döring wrote, spoke and filmed his text. And the next morning Matthias Gram, responsible for social media in the project office, was able to cut the video and put it online.

In other words, the Hi2025 project office is not standing still these days – even though most of the employees work from home. The bidding process for the European Capital of Culture is still going on. The deadline has not been postponed, work on the bid book for the Hildesheim region is continuing.

“Social media is of course no substitute for the rich cultural life in this city," says Thomas Harling. “But we can at least provide a stage for cultural workers to show what otherwise remains invisible."

Your event will be cancelled in the coming weeks and you would like to be part of Heimkultur? Then send an email to m.balzer@stadt-hildesheim.de.

About the picture:
Anna-Lena Schotge, designer of the project office, allows couch and pot plant to fly in the introduction.
creation: Anna-Lena Schotge

A stage at home
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