new flyer Hi2025

03. March 2020

Our new flyer is available to read and download.

Read in a nutshell why we want to be European Capital of Culture 2025 and how we want to implement this.
You will also find a short excerpt from our artistic and cultural programme in the flyer.

For example:

  • Beet 4.0: FieldCulturalHeritage Theatre
  • Europe from Beyond
  • Churches 21
  • Network of Boring Cities
  • and Squares of Encounter

As to what we want:

  • Make sense. Create new meaningful relations.Between communities, between city and region, between us and nature, between the past and the future, between us and the world.
  • Become a role model cultural region. Promote Hildesheim as a provincial region shaping change through artistic and cultural means.
  • Foster an inclusive urban and regional society. Create chances for participation and embrace cultural diversity.
  • Promote and empower the young. Encourage fresh ideas, create educational and life opportunities.
  • Strengthen the cultural sector. Enhance and facilitate cultural production.
  • Foster sustainable economic development. Promote innovation, creativity, tourism.

Let us surprise you!

Download the German version of the flyer here.
Here you can get the English version of the flyer.